Ever been out walking in the woods and just stumble on a hidden hatch sticking out of the ground?

Hungry and bored, you use a rock to break open the lock, and boom, it’s full of 16-year-old food,

dusty water, and a bunch of old boxes of files. Crazy, right?

No? Seriously? Are you trying to tell me that this is something that exclusively happens

in television shows to move the plot along? Why, I never.

In all seriousness, we’re clipping right along with the second episode of The Wilds’ second season, “Day 34/12.”

The story is still centering itself on our new masculine narrator,Raf,

who we learn lives in Tijuana but goes to a private school in San Diego each day,

by way of an absolutely hellish commute. It’s there that he met his girlfriend Marisol,

who (this is not a lie) is also the heir to the Veracruz Salsa fortune.

The Wilds Recap