As the hype surrounding Oscars weekend is still in full effect, people are continuing to crack jokes about every little thing that went down.

Earlier today, Cuban Link hilariously re-enacted Tiffany Haddish’s red carpet moment

from the weekend where she checked a reporter on a comment made about her dress.

During the night of the Oscars, Haddish quickly interviewed with Entertainment Tonight's Lauren Zima as she made her way down the carpet.

Zima was interviewing the stars at the 94th Academy Awards when she noticed Haddish changed from the outfit she’d previously worn that day.

She asked the Girls Trip star about her "little costume change" and by the look on Haddish’s face, it’s clear that the wording of Zima’s comment may have irritated her a bit.

"I'm not wearing a costume, I'm wearing Dolce and Gabonna," said Haddish. "It's called an evening gown darling."

"No one's paying me for this, I paid for it. This is custom; this is not an acting gig, this is my life," she continued.

Shortly after the interview took place, the clip began to go viral, with many social media users commending the clapback, despite Haddish's seemingly calm demeanor.

"Check. Her. The audacity (rolling eyes emoji)," one user wrote.

Tiffany Haddish's Clapback