Everything was going a little too well. It was the mid-1980s, and Tony Hawk,

the gangly runt of skateboarding team the Bones Brigade, had finally come into his own as a professional skater.

After years of obsessive training, he had become the one to beat on the continental circuit

taking the top spot at skateboarding competitions across California, in Chicago,

in Vancouver, setting records and winning thousands of dollars along the way. 

It got to the point where other skaters could only dream of placing second, because Hawk’s win was a foregone conclusion.

There was just one slight problem: Hawk was miserable. 
“I felt like I was losing myself,”

Hawk says in the newly released HBO documentary Until the Wheels Fall Off, directed by Sam Jones. 

It’s a period of his life that’s rarely discussed, in which the then teenager,

only a few years into his career, almost walked away from professional skateboarding for good.

Tony Hawk Reveals