The most anticipated movie of the year KGF Chapter 2 is all set set the screens ablaze on Aril 14, 2022.

Superstar Yash aka Rocky is back with the mega canvas action-entertainer! With the record breaking success of the first film, the makers,

Hombale Films have now announced the release of the first single ‘Toofan’, releasing today! Rocky the lone ranger,

will establish his supremacy in the second installment of KGF as he goes toe to toe with foes, old and new!

The unveiling of the first song ‘Toofan’ along with a new poster takes all of us back to the original hit machine

that achieved a cult status and was the highest grossing Kannada film of all time! Also, the upbeat music video of ‘Toofan’ starts the month-long countdown to KGF Chapter 2’s release.

The producers of the movie, Hombale Films stated, that this song will set the tone for the second instalment of KGF franchise.

The crescendo of the lyrical musical video will strike a chord with all the fans of KGF and more!

The energetic beats and the unbeatable rhythm of the track perfectly matches the saga of Rocky,

the legendary warrior who fights against all odds to emerge as a true victor!

Toofan From KGF