What happened to our cultural reckoning with TV cops? After the murder of George Floyd led to global protests,

the future of onscreen police looked grim. Now Dick Wolf's Law & Order franchise has re-expanded,

there's a universe for The Rookie, and the CBS procedural spin-offs have spin-offs in their spin-offs.

Highbrow skepticism about play-by-their-own-rules detectives faded when Mare hit Easttown.

Tough-on-crime electioneering has already trickled down to television,

where well-funded paramilitary hero police defend good citizens from obvious bad dudes.

Welcome to 2022, where 2020 never happened. So thank holy hell for We Own This City,

a blistering and brilliant cop show about the corrosion of American law enforcement and America itself.

Jon Bernthal stars as Wayne Jenkins, the swagger-jacked poster boy for the Baltimore PD.

He's a sergeant in the Gun Trace Task Force, a plain-clothes unit that gets weapons and drugs off the street.

We Own This City Review