In 2021, as the seminal film "Stand by Me" celebrated its 35th anniversary,

one of its stars came forward with his story. 
Wil Wheaton, who appeared in the movie as Gordie,

a young boy who searches for a rumored dead body with his best friends in 1950s-era Oregon,

said in an interview with Yahoo! Entertainment that he never wanted to perform,

but his parents forced him. Wheaton said his mother, who was an actor, "made me do it.

My mother coached me to go into her agency and tell the children's agent, 'I want to do what mommy does.' "

This was part of a larger pattern of abuse, including psychological abuse and manipulation,

Wheaton said he endured at the hands of his parents, from whom he is now estranged.

The subject came up because one of Wheaton's co-stars in "Stand by Me" was Jerry O'Connell,

a fellow child actor who now co-hosts the show "The Talk." On his show,

Wil Wheaton  Absued