The Academy Of Motion Pictures Arts And Sciences has issued its ruling on Will Smith’s behavior at the Oscars late last month

A 10-year ban from attending any Academy-held events, including, of course, the Oscars themselves.

Smith has been in the crosshairs of the Academy ever since March 27, when he walked onto the stage at the Dolby Theater

and slapped comedian Chris Rock after Rock made a joke about Smith’s wife,

Jada Pinkett Smith. (You may have heard about it.) Although Smith ultimately stayed in the theater that night

and gave an emotionally charged speech while picking up his Best Actor Oscar for King Richard

the following days saw the Academy issue statements that it would be taking disciplinary action against him.

(There was also a whole back and forth about whether he was asked to leave the ceremony, or refused to leave the ceremony, etc.,

which we’re probably never going to get a 100 percent reliable answer on.)

Smith responded to news of his upcoming censure by offering both an apology,

Will Smith banned