Comedian Sunil Grover has made a clear announcement that he will cast his vote for the political party that fulfills his special Promissance.

The alliances of the Lok Sabha Election 2019 are on every side. Every political party is trying to woo voters in their own style. But comedian Sunil Grover has made it clear that he will cast his vote for a political party that fulfills his special promos. These tweets of comedian Sunil Grover are becoming viral on social media with great speed. Anyway, the voters often keep their demands ahead of the leaders and Sunil Grover has done something similar but their demand is very difficult, which hardly fulfills any political party.

Kapil Sharma’s show will be seen as a guttle and famously known as Gulati, Sunil Grover has tweeted with his Twitter handle: ‘Holi finishes! Yar Holi should be three days in a year! Whatever party will do it, my vote to him! ‘ In this way, Sunil Grover has pinched on Holi and tweeted it between this stir of Lok Sabha Election 2019 (Lok Sabha Election 2019). The fans of Sunil Grover are pinching strongly on this and their tweets are becoming very viral.

Sunil Grover is the best comedian and is recognized for his comedy punch. They are quite active on social media too and fans are very entertained. Sunil Grover with Salman Khan too soon to be seen on the big screen Sunil Grover is also in the next film of ‘Salman Khan’ and Katrina Kaif. During the shoot of ‘India’, Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif produced many photos and videos of Sunil Grover, who had also become very viral on social media.


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