Best 12 Tips & Tricks on How to Fix Outlook not Working on iPhone

The outlook is an efficient means to communicate and then it is used by a number of people across the globe; it is an email app on the iphone is simple and then it does its work pretty well. But there are some people who are facing problems with the outlook not working on iphone that they are not able to send or even receive emails using the outlook on the iphone, then view the different ways but given by the experts team to fix the issue immediately.

Best 12 Tips & Tricks on How to Fix Outlook not Working on iPhone

What is the Cause of Outlook not Working on iPhone?

Because iPhone customers were complaining a lot, Microsoft and Apple decided to work together to figure out what was causing the problem and repair it. They discovered a clash between Microsoft email servers and Apple’s Mail programme in the iOS upgrade. As a result, Microsoft-hosted email accounts are no longer functional with the stock Mail app in newer iOS versions, such as iOS 15 beta 4/3/2/1.

There could be a variety of reasons why people are having issues with Outlook. Settings in the Mail app, software issues, or email account configuration might all cause this. As a result, we’ll go over all of the best ways to get Outlook to operate on your iPhone. In this post,  we will have a look at the ways and the tricks that can be used by the users to solve the problems of Outlook not working with the iPhone –

Best Ways to Fix Outlook Not Working on iPhone Issues:

  1. The users have to check the mail days to sync the settings of the outlook mail on the outlook.
  2. The users should also check the internet connection they are using so that it won’t create troubles while using the outlook on the iphone device you are using.
  3. Another way could be sync the email in the action required so that you have forgotten to connect the outlook account.
  4. The users need to disable the do not disturb option to fix the problem of outlook not opening on iphone.
  5. The users can also try to reset the network settings of the device as well as the outlook too so that you won’t have to face the problems later on.
  6. In another issue the users can also enable the option saying Fetch new data and then toggle on push to execute the steps.
  7. The users can also try to turn on the aeroplane mode first and then turn it off and then try whether the problem faced by them has been solved or not if not then they can refer to the other problems.
  8. On most basic way to fix the outlook not loading in iphone could be to first uninstall the outlook app and then install it again.
  9. The users can also give a try to the option to remove outlook account and once removed the users can add it again.
  10. The users can also go for launching the fix ppo toll on the device you are using.
  11. The relevant firmware can also be used to fix the issues.
  12. The last way the users can try is to update the version of the iphone they are using on the device.


In this post, We’ve covered all of the options for resolving the Outlook not working on iPhone issue. Try the option that is most appropriate for your situation, and then determine whether or not the problem has been resolved.

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