Exploring Azure Networking Solutions through Microsoft AZ-700 Certification Exam

Do you want to be proficient in delivering hybrid applications? Or are you preparing to be well-versed in implementing cloud-native solutions? Be knowledgeable in both skills by completing the Certbolt exam. Before we get into the test details, let’s course through the domain of Azure Networking and learn more about this remarkable Microsoft platform.

Unraveling the Relevance of Azure Networking

From delivering cloud solutions to managing cloud resources, Microsoft Azure Networking ensures you get to meet the growing workload demands in the industry. It also provides a reliable and low-latency experience to users to improve network experience across various locations, including on-premises, edge, and even multi-cloud. Some of the key elements surrounding Azure Networking include:

  • Optimal routing

One of the key features of Certbolt MS-500 is by letting the traffic remains on the MS-500 Practice Test . As a result, this allows delivery of low-latency and stable performance of the applications. Aside from ensuring predictable performance, you can pick how the traffic navigates and even optimized both SaaS SD-WAN connectivity.

  • Zero-trust approach

Security within the network is a crucial aspect of Certbolt MS-700 . It safeguards your applications effectively and protects virtual networks and workloads. To guarantee a secure network, it revolves around zero-trust-based security by providing intelligent threat detection via Azure DDoS Protection, ensuring private connectivity through Azure Private Link, and beefing up applications via Azure Bastion and Azure WAF.

  • Hybrid and edge connectivity

Another pivotal element that makes Azure Networking a standout is the fact that it focuses on the connectivity of hybrid and edge applications. You are permitted to connect deployments on different locations via Azure Virtual WAN and add Azure as an extension of your current network. Enabling edge and 5G scenarios using Azure Public Certbolt MS-900 is also offered.

  • Network as a service

Azure Networking highlights a collection of straightforward and scalable tools that lets you manage applications effectivity. Additionally, it ensures connectivity so you won’t have to build down the fiber. Some imperative solutions include Azure App Gateway, Azure WAF, Azure Front Door, and Azure Firewall, among others.

Getting acquainted with some Azure networking services

Microsoft offers something for every of your networking need. If you’re looking for a way to connect everything from Certbolt AZ-204 , then Azure Virtual Network is the answer. If you want to safeguard the applications from Distributed Denial-of-Service attacks, avail of the Azure DDoS Protection. There are more options at hand, so be sure to browse through their selection of products that take on different areas, including secure network infrastructure, 5G and edge computing, global app delivery, and remote work connectivity, among others.

Establishing your skills in Azure Networking with Microsoft AZ-700 Exam

The Microsoft AZ-700 exam is one of the most suitable paths for specialists who want to be a professional in handling the processes that surround Azure networking solutions. These include working with hybrid networking, networking infrastructure, routing, networks, and private access to Azure technologies. And for successful passers of the exam, be ready to obtain the Microsoft Certified: Azure Network Engineer Associate certification. After gaining the certification, you can apply for network engineer positions and earn on average about $90,250 per annum.


With the key features offered by Azure Networking, there’s no doubt why many businesses and organizations capitalize on these Microsoft services and solutions. So, if you want to earn a skillset that is in demand and highly relevant, get started with the Certbolt AZ-303 exam. Wish you luck on your exam!

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