Why GPS Map Camera Lite Geotag Photo Location App

The GPS Map Camera Lite application allows you to quickly add GPS stamps to your camera pictures. It’s a simple app with a lot of capability.

When you want to add Location most simply, you can have a GPS Map Camera Lite App on your Smartphone. Because adding a Location map stamp on photos is helpful.

Aviation, Marine, Farming, Military, and other industries can use date-time location stamps to track their whereabouts and get geotagged pictures and videos with the GPS Map Camera Lite App.

How can I include GPS map coordinates in a photo or video?

Install GPS Map Camera Lite Application on your Smartphone

Choose the required daytime format, GPS coordinates, directions & Units.

Click unlimited photos at various locations With GPS Map Camera Lite Application.

Why have GPS Lite Map Camera Application in Your device?

To Add GPS Stamp to Your video/Photos.

Easily add your live location with all the GPS coordinates you want on Photo or video.

Add different stamps such as Date, Time, Location Stamp & to add an address, address stamp either on video or picture.

Stamp your current location with exact details.

Add various details such as Address, Latitude Longitude, Altitude, GPS Coordinates, Date-Time, Compass to your photos.

  • Works as an easy GPS location tracker
  • Use it for Geo Mapping & Landmarking
  • Geotagging Photos for multipurpose use

Autostamp various stamps. available in different designs and templates.

Most Useful Application for Following Groups of People:

Individuals related with Business like land, Infrastructure, Architecture can apply GPS Map Location stamp to their Site Photos or videos, which will help them to sort and store each visit in the form of digital images and videos, with GPS data stamped on it.

People having Destination Wedding, Birthdays, Festivals, Anniversaries and so on, can click and record those moments with their live location stamped on photos/videos.

people attending outstation meetings, gatherings, Conclaves, Meetups, and Events hosted by organizations and institutions can stamp the location on photos.

Travel, Food, Style, and Art Bloggers can propel their encounters with including GPS Location through GPS Map Camera.


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