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There were many Inventions in mobile app development. Technology has spread its wings all over, Life has become simple, reachable with innovations we see in our routine life. In the old era; people usually work on computers but nowadays all are busy in their routines and they want to do all their work on mobile phones. This is the reason behind mobile app development goes sky high.

Autostamper Custom Camera

The app development is going to be more interesting day by day. Mobile photography has gained a lot of popularity in recent times from on-demand app services. Also, mobile location services are now starting to blur the boundaries between Location and geotagging, especially in photography. The best photo app can create a normal photo great. If you want to get the best photos, you just need a great photo app on your mobile phone.

The date is very important information about photographs. Have you ever wanted to capture photos with datetime displayed on photos of your mobile phone? Maybe you have applied many steps like capturing photos, edit photos, and applying datetime stamp on photos because every mobile has not featured photo stamping. At that time you have to use a third-party mobile app to put a stamp on your photos.

Autostamper Custom Camera has a feature to insert the current date and time into your pictures automatically. With a simple interface, this app makes it simple to add such stamps in various formats. You can even change the position and size of the stamps, and choose the right font, the right color, and also set the opacity level from multiple options.

Autostamper Custom Camera

Even you’ll get many stamps accessible in this app which are Date time stamp, Signature stamp, Location stamp, Logo stamp, Sequence stamp. You can even format these stamps as you like. To get those stamps you have to just open the app and turn the toggle on of your required stamps and set format. Now you’ll set to get your stamps on your desired photo by just clicking the picture from this app and the app will put stamps automatically on pictures.

Autostamper Custom Camera Autostamper Custom Camera Autostamper Custom Camera

Why Autostamper Custom Camera App?

  • To Add Date time stamp on Photo
  • Auto time stamp options with stamper camera
  • To have GPS stamp & geotags on clicked pictures
  • get all stamp easily.
  • date time stamper for easy photo stamping
  • Easy picture stamp with Custom camera
  • Timestamp camera with advanced features at one place

Get Autostamper Custom Camera from Google Play

Get Autostamper Custom Camera from Google Play

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