In She Dies Tomorrow, figuring out how to spend your last day is really damn hard

A lady jolts awake and gasps for air in a nondescript lounge. She can’t clarify why, however she’s sure of 1 factor: she solely has yet another day to reside. So she tells her good friend, Jane, and one thing horrifying occurs: Jane additionally turns into sure the following day might be her final. This unusual conviction, it seems, is contagious. And it’ll infect many extra earlier than tomorrow really comes.

Written and directed by Amy Seimetz, She Dies Tomorrow is a brand new movie with a title and a premise that means one thing propulsive — a thriller, maybe, or a nightmarish horror movie. Instead, it’s contemplative, a psychodrama that introduces a easy unsettling concept to every of its characters and lets us watch as they change into unmoored. It doesn’t give particular solutions to something, however it’s completely clear about one factor: everybody who says they’re going to die tomorrow completely believes it.

She Dies Tomorrow is a home of mirrors, a movie rather more within the reflections it provides you than in conjuring something overly particular so that you can ruminate. Its characters all course of the revelation on the coronary heart of the movie in strikingly mundane methods. Amy (Kate Lyn Sheil), the protagonist, mills about aimlessly, seemingly overwhelmed by the variety of methods she may spend her final day, finally ends up whiling away the hours with morbidly mundane stuff like trying up urns or questioning if her pores and skin may very well be made right into a leather-based jacket.

Others, like Brian (Tunde Adebimpe) and Tilly (Jennifer Kim) instantly lose curiosity within the charade they’ve every been sustaining for the opposite’s profit, agreeing that they had been by no means going to work out as a pair and that they had been going to go away one another as quickly because it didn’t appear callous. She Dies Tomorrow dances from existential dread to compressed breakup story to withering comedy from scene to scene. The movie takes the gravity of its premise and juxtaposes it with mundanity, and in doing so its characters all really feel so foolish and self-absorbed. Then the concept infects me, and I really feel foolish and self-absorbed.

Incomprehensibly massive, destabilizing occasions have a manner of warping the whole lot round them, forcing the whole lot into a brand new context. She Dies Tomorrow arriving within the midst of a world pandemic that, amongst different issues, conjures up a basic feeling of mundane helplessness offers the movie a recursive high quality: we’re all surrounded by our personal doom and the temptation of that doom is narcissism, to spend all of our time surprised by how our world is being rearranged.

She Dies Tomorrow isn’t serious about decision, however in case you lean ahead, you could find interrogation. As every character is contaminated with the concept that their finish is coming, they stare on the digital camera as barely discernible voices fade in and crimson and blue lights change the contours of their face. We don’t know what’s going via their minds, however we will think about: how are you residing proper now, and the way is it totally different from the methods you’ve at all times lived? Is there a great cause for that? Who put the concept in your head that it must be this fashion?

“Do you want to make out?” a person (Adam Wingard) asks Amy as they get excessive collectively and he or she tries to determine what to do subsequent on her final day. She consents, however they finally name it off earlier than something actually occurs. It doesn’t really feel proper. Nothing feels proper. And whether or not there’s a solution to the query of how proper Amy or her mates are about their destiny, nothing ever will once more.

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