LinkedIn is down so you can’t add anyone to your professional network

LinkedIn is currently down worldwide, affecting users on both mobile and desktop. The Microsoft-owned social network first started experiencing issues around 2PM ET, and LinkedIn has confirmed it’s working on bringing the site back online.

“Some members may be experiencing an issue with accessing LinkedIn on mobile and desktop,” says a LinkedIn Twitter post. “We’re working on this as we speak and will provide updates as we have them.”

It’s rare for LinkedIn to experience outages, and it’s not clear why the service is having problems today. LinkedIn last experienced widespread issues in January last year, when users weren’t able to post to the service or make new connections. Today’s outage is affecting the entire website, so it’s not loading for most users at all.

We’ve reached out to LinkedIn for more details, and we’ll update you accordingly. If you’re waiting for that all-important email to connect on the professional network, just know the issues are being worked on.

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