Royal travel: Princess Diana’s lone trip to Taj Mahal ‘broke hearts’ after photo emerged

Prince Charles, the Prince of Wales and Princess Diana went on a royal tour of India in 1992. During the tour, Diana took a solo trip to the iconic Taj Mahal. Prince Charles was attending a business meeting in Bangalore at the time.

Another expert explained how the photo painted her as a “lonely girl” but threw negative light on her husband Prince Charles.

Biographer and Journalist Tina Brown added: “That picture of her as a lonely, neglected, beautiful girl who didn’t have anyone to love her back just broke everybody’s hearts.”

“She knew what she was doing. And it made Charles absolutely crazy.”

After the tour, the royal couple announced their separation nine months later.

The couple had two sons together, Prince William and Prince Harry.

Charles will one day become King as second-in-line to the throne after his mother, the current Head of State, Queen Elizabeth II.

Charles and Diana were married for fifteen years but separated in 1992, before divorcing in 1996.

During her life, Diana visited a plethora of countries including Germany, the USA, Pakistan, Switzerland, Hungary, Egypt, Belgium, France, South Africa, Zimbabwe and Nepal as well as India and Australia.

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