Top 10 Hotels in India for Your Safe and Luxurious Stays to Enjoy Holidays during India Tour

From the start, you may have a deeper curiosity about India. It is not odd for anyone who has no experience in spending days in this beloved nation enriched in culture with over 4 000 years old gold history. Here, enlightenment prevails to bring multilingual people under one umbrella to build up the nation on a strong foundation. Same way, tourism, and leisure seem to be the gateway to the formation of cross-culture boosting up integration and uniformity. The problem of giving accommodation to these travelers has been solved by establishing top 10 hotels in India. International guests coming from Europe and other parts gather here to be familiar with historical cities like Delhi and Kolkata. These luxurious attractive resorts provide the best amenities for life security and peace to make people rejoice during their stays in this sweet unforgettable country. A quick guide enables readers to know about the classic décor, availability of ultra-modern facilities, and of course prices to book these top ten hotels in India.

Umaid Bhawan Palace, Jodhpur

Jodhpur in Rajasthan is one of the beautiful places for cross-border tourists. The thousand years old chivalry defies the machismo of the 21st century. Here, history speaks silently to tell about the stories of the pyrrhic victory of Mughal emperors over Rajputs. Their blood-stained rapiers seem to glitter mesmerizing you to dream of being involved in bloodshed wars for winning princesses. For tourists and elite VIP guests, Jodhpur has gifted Umaid Bhawan Palace. Its mercantile flooring, glossy infrastructure and wall paintings force you to go back to see the unknown world. Luxuries are unlimited here to make you crazy. In short, this palace is a work of art. Jiva Grande Spa in this opulent hotel ensures the proper wellness and body grooming for a physical aesthete. From health to the natural environment, everything is productive and organized to standardize your living experience to a great extent. Nightlife is gorgeous. Dance and make merry with a bevy of high profile ladies in Trophy Bar where bartender is seen serving goblets of marionette and cool red wine for heating up your stomach during the wintry vacation.

Oberoi – Pride of Delhi 

The Oberoi has opened its door for travelers to come here for upgrading their concepts about the hospitality service in India. This hotel has glamour and grandeur. Its fascinating interior décor is still envious to grow enmity among rivals. Visitors are entertained by hotel attendants on their arrival at the spot. The glass-covered restaurants, spas, Jacuzzi, discotheque and highly sophisticated bedrooms in a cluster are a few exceptional things for you to experience. When you are in Delhi metro, you should need such a top hotel for overnight stays. The quality of living is matchless at this Oberoi based in this heart throbbing metro.

Rambagh Palace, Jodhpur 

Rambagh Palace is not a basic local motor inn. It has its own tradition. In Jodhpur, this hotel is situated to serve visitors. Feel free to book suites of this hotel and decide to go for discovering the hidden elegance of Jodhpur- the Mecca for the elite class.

Aman-I-Khas, Ranthambore

Aman-I-Khas is a popular hotel in Ranthambore National Park. See, it is not a traditional resort but it is the best destination for car riders to stay here to see the nature. Complete your dinner outside in the midst of animals and birds hovering around. The fantastic sight-seeing is available at this small resort in Ranthambore. The dishes are nutritious and palatable to please you in the long run.

Taj Lake Palace – Udaipur 

You might have heard hanging garden in Russia, Taj Lake Palace floats on cool water. It is a dazzling paradise for visitors who are amazed to have the glimpses of glossy infrastructure on bobbing up on Lake Pichola.

Wildflower Hall –Shimla 

At the foot of hills in Shimla, you can put a camp for an outdoor expedition. Wildflower Hall gives you that opportunity to live to have nightlife at the hill station. Food and lodging are world-class. Online room booking is fast.

Ananda- Uttarakhand 

For peaceful stays in Uttarakhand, you should book rooms of Ananda resort. It gives you guarantee of safer living including healthcare treatment like Ayurvedic spa centers for tackling botched nose job.

Taj Bekal Resort Spa Kerala 

Taj Bekal Resort and Spa center is nothing odd for travelers who like to do regular body grooming to keep fit. It is close to Kappil Beach.


Amanbagh in Rajasthan provides the cool ambiance to guests. The whole resort is beset with large palm trees. It has all eco-forward hotel rooms for making visitors happy.

Taj Falaknuma Palace, Hyderabad

Taj Falaknuma Palace is based in Hyderabad. It is one of the popular hotels in India. For lush greenery and natural beauty, people like to visit this resort for room booking.

For getting detailed information about the prices of hotel room reservations, new updates about promo codes to have financial benefits to stay at these top 10 hotels in India, feel free to visit their official websites and NETF.

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