When will hotels reopen?

Non-essential day trips are expected to be allowed from March 29.

In addition, outdoor hospitality settings may possibly be due to reopen from April.

Hotels with outdoor restaurants and bars may therefore be able to provide these offerings at that time, but will not be permitted to open for overnight stays until later this year.

Mr Johnson’s roadmap outlines serving indoors could recommence in May.

This means hotels with indoor restaurants and bars may be able to reopen to non-resident guests from that time.

In terms of international visitors, the Prime Minister’s roadmap does

There are no plans in place to relax restrictions on international travel.

For the moment, international travel for all, but the narrowest of essential reasons remains illegal.

Mr Johnson today announced hotels and other related travel businesses will reopen on the following dates:

  • Campsite and self-catering holiday lets can re-open on April 12
  • Hotels on May 17

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