Non-Binary Superheroes Multiplying, As DC Comics Adds ‘Kid Quick’ To ‘The Flash’

Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and they/them.

DC Comics is introducing its first non-binary character in “Kid Quick,” who will appear next month in a holiday-themed comic book anthology called “DC’s Merry Multiverse.”

The alternate-universe character, like The Flash, can move at super speed and will use the “they/them” pronouns when being referenced.

Kid Quick joins the “Suicide Squad” character The Aerie, a non-binary antihero, and Marvel Comics’ two non-binary characters, “Snowflake” and “Safespace.”

The Flash has been around in comics since 1939 in various incarnations that include multiple Earths and personas. It became a popular TV show on The CW in 2014.

Kid Quick, aka Jess Chambers, will appear after his holiday run as The Flash in an upcoming comic book series, Future State: Justice League.

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