Strictly Come Dancing viewers accuse Claudia Winkleman of distracting them from the performances

Strictly Come Dancing attempted to bring the magic of Blackpool tonight, but all eyes were on presenter Claudia Winkleman and her outfit.

She was driving some viewers wild wearing an animal-print jumpsuit/onesie/creation!

One fan on Twitter commented: “I really like how Claudia is wearing fancy pajamas to work, much like the rest of us have been doing for a while.”

Another described it as iconic.

Soap character inspiration

Others felt she was paying homage to characters from Corrie and EastEnders famed for their love of animal print.

One said: “Claudia channeling her inner Kat Slater.”

Another wondered if she’d nabbed Liz McDonald’s inimitable style pieces.

Her look put other viewers in mind of Rovers legend Bet Lynch

Not everyone was a fan though…

One viewer complained: “Mostly just distracted by Claudia’s outfit tonight. Tess’s isn’t great either.”

Another called it a wardrobe malfunction!

Yet another viewer commented: “Doesn’t she realise she is on the TV. Not sitting in her front room watching.”

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Strictly pricey

One fan of the look was disappointed to discover the price tag.

Concentrate on the dancing!

Another berated other viewers for obsessing about both hosts’ outfits.

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