Sridevi, India's first female superstar, left an indelible mark on the film industry. Let's revisit her legacy.

After years of silence, Boney Kapoor, Sridevi's husband and a renowned filmmaker, finally speaks about her tragic death.

Sridevi followed strict diets that excluded salt, sometimes leading to blackouts. She wanted to look her best on screen.

Boney Kapoor reveals that Sridevi's death was not natural but accidental. He faced intense media scrutiny during the investigation.

After thorough investigations, including lie detector tests, no foul play was discovered. The report confirmed it was an accidental death.

Sridevi suffered from low blood pressure due to her strict dieting habits, leading to blackouts on several occasions.

Actor Nagarjuna shared an incident when Sridevi fainted during a film shoot due to crash dieting, even breaking her teeth.

Boney Kapoor was aware of Sridevi's dieting tendencies after their marriage. He tried to convince her to add salt to her diet.

Sridevi's commitment to her craft was evident as she continued to follow strict diets, even at the cost of her health.

Sridevi's accidental death was a heartbreaking moment for the film industry and her fans. Her legacy lives on as an inspiration to many.