Over the weekend, Deepika Padukone, the Pathaan star, shared a heartwarming photo featuring her and her unique "cold meal."

Last month, Deepika made waves on social media with her stellar cameo in Shah Rukh Khan's movie, "Jawan." The actress played a significant role in this emotional journey.

Deepika shared a delightful picture on her Instagram feed. Dressed in denim, she beams while holding an ice-cream cone, humorously referring to it as her "cold meal."

Currently, Deepika is gearing up for the release of her upcoming film, "Fighter," where she stars alongside Hrithik Roshan. Fans can't wait to see this dynamic duo on the big screen.

Deepika's post received an amusing response from Badminton player PV Sindhu. She wrote, "Beautiful picture! Please eat my share also anyway I can't eat." Playful banter on social media!

Siddharth Anand, the director of "Fighter," couldn't resist commenting on the post either. He asked, "photo courtesy?" What's the story behind this question?

Shah Rukh Khan made a special announcement on Saturday. He revealed the release of the full video song, "Aararaari Raaro (Hindi)," from "Jawan," a song featuring Deepika.

SRK shared a heartfelt message about the power of a mother's love, tying it to the song's theme. A touching moment of reflection.

Deepika's cameo in "Jawan" has a dedicated fan base. At a press meet, she humorously shared how she initially thought her role was small, but it turned out to be more significant.

Deepika expressed her love for Shah Rukh Khan and her excitement about being a part of the film, emphasizing that it's not about the role's length but the impact on the story.