Bill Gates dubs Donald Trump

Billionaire and Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates made a dig at President Donald Trump as he reflected on the US election. While speaking on CNN with Fareed Zakria, Mr Gates hinted that he believed Donald Trump was behaving like a sore loser by not conceding to the Joe Biden administration. Mr Gates also insisted that a lot was at stake due to the tension between the two administrations and President Trump’s refusal to concede.

Mr Zakaria said: “A lot of people listen to you and as a citizen are you worried about what is happening right now?

“This is a situation where the President seems not to concede the election.”

Mr Gates replied: “I was always told people didn’t like sore losers.

“There is a lot at stake in terms of how well our democracy allows peaceful transition so I am hopeful very quickly the transition efforts are put fully activated.

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“I am not following the minutiae but it is disappointing that uncertainty is being created where there should be none.”

Mr Zakaria then pushed for clarity on whether Mr Gates believed the issue will be resolved in good time.

He asked: “How worried are you about where we are right now?” 

Mr Gates then reflected on the message President Trump is sending to Americans and the world by not agreeing to concede to Mr Biden.

“They need to not try and change the rules or get around the rules in some ways.

“Ultimately, the US is a shining light to other countries.

“Sometimes we don’t live up to that but most of the time we do.

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