Donald Trump Snapchat ban: POTUS to be permanently banned from app for

The picture messaging app is the latest social media giant to pull the plug on the 45th US President, following the lead of Twitter. He has also been banned “indefinitely” by Facebook and suspended for at least seven days by Youtube.

A spokesperson told Axios: “Last week we announced an indefinite suspension of President Trump’s Snapchat account, and have been assessing what long term action is in the best interest of our Snapchat community.

“In the interest of public safety, and based on his attempts to spread misinformation, hate speech, and incite violence, which are clear violations of our guidelines, we have made the decision to permanently terminate his account.”

Social media suspensions were enforced after a violent mob of Trump supporters sieged the US Capitol on January 6 in ugly scenes which led to deaths of five people.

Further pressure has been placed on Mr Trump this week as he became the only president in US history to be impeached twice.

Mr Trump, who will be replaced by Democrat Joe Biden on January 20, accused Big Tech companies of dividing the country following the Twitter and Facebook bans.

He told reporters: “I think that Big Tech is doing a horrible thing for our country and to our country, and I believe it’s going to be a catastrophic mistake for them.

“They’re dividing and divisive.”

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Mr Trump has asked his supporters to not cause any further violence in a five-minute video message posted on the White House’s YouTube account.

He said: “Mob violence goes against everything I believe in and everything our movement stands for. No true supporter of mine could ever endorse political violence.

“No true supporter of mine could ever disrespect law enforcement or our great American flag. No true supporter of mine could ever threaten or harass their fellow Americans.

“If you do any of these things you are not supporting our movement, you are attacking it and you are attacking our country. We cannot tolerate it.”

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