Raj Kundra takes the stage by storm with a remarkable stand-up comedy act.

Raj Kundra's Surprising Stand-Up Comedy Debut

Raj Kundra, donning a mask, embraces his humorous side and leaves the audience in splits.

The "Maskman" Unveiled

Kundra shares his journey from driving a cab in London at 18 to making the audience roar with laughter.

Business to Comedy

Explore the funny anecdotes as Raj Kundra humorously addresses being called "Shilpa Ka Pati."

"Shilpa Ka Pati" Chronicles

Raj Kundra's wit and humor captivate the audience, making it a memorable night for everyone present.

Night to Remember

Discover intriguing questions surrounding Raj Kundra's upcoming biopic, UT69.

Anticipation Builds for UT69

Dive into the mysteries of UT69. Is it a biopic on Raj Kundra? What does UT69 stand for?

What Is UT69 All About?

Speculations arise: Will Raj Kundra portray himself in the movie, or is there a surprise in store?

Will Raj Play Himself?

Uncover whether Farah Khan will direct UT69, adding more excitement to this upcoming project.

The Director's Chair

Raj Kundra's stand-up comedy debut showcases his exceptional talent and leaves us eager for more laughter-filled performances.

Raj Kundra's Comedy Triumph